Responsible Investment

Dynasty AM places ESG criteria at the heart of financial analysis settings and provides sustainable value to its portfolios.


We are aware of the importance of the environment and the role of business in terms of sustainable development. The choice of investments that respect environmental criteria is mainly based on waste management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and risk prevention.


We remain wary of corporate social responsibility. We ensure respect for human rights and good working conditions, including measures such as prevention of occupational accidents, staff training, respect for employee rights, subcontracting chain and social dialogue.


The analysis of governance criteria requires full transparency on the part of companies. We remain vigilant with regard to the independence of the Board of Directors and management structure.

Dynasty AM has been using Moody's ESG Solutions data since June 2018.

Vigeo Eiris, an independent international agency specialized in extra-financial analysis, providing ESG research and services to investors and private, public and associative organisations.

Economic, ecological and societal challenges of the 21st century presage fundamental changes in our development models in mid term. They lead to major transformations in economic models and investment strategies. Taking them into consideration is a factor of opportunities and innovation, while neglecting them carries risks. - Moody's ESG Solutions

Dynasty AM, signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment

PRIs represent one of the world’s largest networks of investors committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions. The Principles were developed by investors under the guidance of the United Nations (UN).

The Principles for Responsible Investment are intended to be ambitious. They aim to better understand the implications of sustainable investment and to help signatories integrate ESG criteria into their investment analysis and practices. These criteria are aligned with investors’ objectives and values and are adapted to their investment strategy, resources and approach.

We will take ESG issues into account in the investment analysis and decision-making processes
We will be active investors and consider ESG issues in our shareholder policies and practices.
We will require entities in which we invest to publish appropriate information on ESG issues.
We will promote the acceptance and application of the Principles among the asset management industry.
We will work together to increase our effectiveness in applying the Principles.
We will report individually on our activities and progress in applying the Principles.