DYNASTY GLOBAL CONVERTIBLES fund managed by the Luxembourg-based Boutique DYNASTY AM is now registered for sales in Germany (Class A&B EUR Shares). The fund benefits also from the Tax Transparency in Germany and in Austria.

With a performance of +11.0%* over 1 year and a reduced volatility (3.5%), the fund ranks in the 1st decile (Category Global Convertibles). Its assets under management exceed € 270m.

Our unconventional investment approach, which is exclusively concentrated on convertible

bonds and on all kind of profiles, is based on Convertible bond-picking. The fund gives access to the global convertible bond market (max. 70% in Europe) with a limited number of positions (ca. 70) and a balanced average delta (50% max.). We also actively manage a cash and quasi-cash position to reinforce the defensive profile of the fund in uncertain markets. The investment objective of DYNASTY GLOBAL CONVERTIBLES is to achieve long term capital growth by investing mainly in convertible bonds (target of 6% yearly).

The fund is registered in Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. In Germany, share classes are available in Euro (A & B).