You can find our fund “Quilvest Convertibles Europe” in the newspaper Le Monde of the December 12th 2020’s edition, available today at your newsagent.

“The European convertible bond market has shown an outstanding performance since the beginning of the year with an increase of more than 5% (ECI-Europe H index), while the equity index, the Stoxx Europe 600, is down by almost 4%. »

Congratulations to our fund managers, Philippe HALB and Eric BOZZETTO, for this excellent performance. Indeed, the fund is the best-performing fund of the Convertibles Europe Morningstar category (as of December 7th 2020), with a performance of +10.5% over 1 year and +4.4% annualized over 5 years, while maintaining a controlled equity sensitivity of 43% today.

Over 25 years, convertible bonds even recorded an increase similar to equities, with much lower volatility.